Spanish Immersion experience at your school: La merienda


Spanish Connection in collaboration with  Spanish with Jo offers a cafe experience: La Merienda

Our Spanish “La Merienda” immersion experience offers:

  • An immersive cafe experience where students order their “Meriendas” exclusively in Spanish.
  • Four different options to choose from: Argentinian, Mexican, Peruvian or Spanish meriendas.
  • Spanish “Merienda”  is served by Spanish-speaking waiting staff in your school.
  • An opportunity for your students to put their language skills into practice in a fun and motivating way.

  • The minimum number of students is 30.

30 in stock



Spanish with Jo in collaboration with Spanish Connection is offering a unique Spanish immersion experience in which students will be focusing on the language needed to communicate in an authentic situation.

Bring the Spanish language to life.

Improve the student motivation and increase uptake at the GCSE level and beyond.

Raise the profile of your department within your school and in the wider community.


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