“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” Nelson Mandela

When was the last time you have learned something new? Maybe it is time to start thinking about the benefits of learning a new language, more specifically Spanish. There are plenty of reasons why learning a second language, such as Spanish, is a great investment.

Many researchers say that people who speak more than one language have improved their memory, problem solving and critical thinking skills alongside their ability to multitask and their listening skills.

If you love travelling to Spanish speaking countries, you will experience first-hand the local way of life and you will notice that locals absolutely love it when you speak their language.  Say a few words in Spanish and they’ll gladly repay your efforts with smiles, warm gestures, and acts of generosity.  This may even take you to see places and do things that normal tourists would never get to experience.

If you speak more than one language, you broaden the field of those you are able to network with 

 Whether you’re making business contacts online through sites like LinkedIn, or making them in person, the fact that you are able to network more widely means that you increase your chances of recruiting new customers. 

You never know when speaking Spanish may come in handy in the workplace. It feels like technology is making our world ever smaller. Connections and partnerships with companies overseas can open up new markets and cut production costs. If you speak more than one language, there’s a much greater chance that you’ll find yourself on an exciting international project in comparison to one of your monolingual colleagues. 

If you live in the US you may have noticed that all the major cities in the US have significant Latino population. Many companies could reach their targets if some of their employees learnt Spanish. These employees can be clerks in stores, receptionists in office buildings, or anyone who deals with numerous people. This service will help both the business and the consumer.

Businesses that deal via the internet, phone, and correspondence with companies or individuals in Spanish speaking countries often have to bridge a communication gap. Many times the employees, especially in small companies, just fumble through it without really knowing the language. These could lead to avoidable errors and learning Spanish could be one of the ways the way to improve the business negotiations, therefore saving you time and money.

Learning Spanish will boost your confidence. When you pursue this language, it will mean putting yourself out there and moving out of your comfort zone. The upside is the amazing sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when conversing with someone in their native tongue.

Spanish is one of the best languages if you love travelling. As of 2021, there were 460 million native Spanish-speakers around the world. 

Not only does this number make Spanish the second most spoken language in the world, but it also is the official language of 21 countries e.g. Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Argentina.

These are just a few of the reasons people have to learn Spanish. Some people’s reasons are much more personal than this. No matter what your reason, you will find that you enjoy learning Spanish as much as you will enjoy being able to speak it.